In an industry often challenged by outdated technology, Consilium sought to revolutionise the wealth management experience for financial advisers in New Zealand. Recognising the necessity for innovation, Consilium embarked on a strategic partnership with FNZ.

The collaboration aimed to introduce a new era of financial platform sophistication, which culminated in the launch of the FNZ-powered Consilium Wrap, a direct response to the industry's call for advancement.

A Vision for Modernisation

The journey began when Consilium identified a need for advanced platform technology within New Zealand's wealth management sector during a period of significant regulatory change. By 2015, the partnership with FNZ was forged, setting the stage for a groundbreaking platform aimed at enhancing the financial advisory landscape in New Zealand through the introduction of Consilium Wrap.

Consilium Wrap

The launch of Consilium Wrap brought to the forefront several key advancements in technology and user experience:

  • Technological Leap: Leveraging FNZ's global platform, Consilium Wrap elevated New Zealand's wealth management services to global standards, offering clients top-tier service and access to cutting-edge technologies.

  • Unified Wealth View: The platform harmonises various Consilium services, including Synergy Investments and the advice-led KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme, into a single, consolidated account view, giving investors a comprehensive perspective of their wealth.

  • Adviser Efficiency: By integrating services, financial advisers can manage client portfolios across all Consilium offerings seamlessly, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and the quality of client service.

  • Revolutionary User Experience: With its intuitive design and powerful visualisation tools, Consilium Wrap sets a new benchmark for industry user experience, transforming how investors and advisers engage with financial information.

  • Enhanced Investor Outcomes: With improvements to investor focused reporting, client logins and streamlined currency conversion processes, Consilium Wrap has delivered measurable improvements to investors.

ESG Profiler

With an ambition to lead the way in portfolio analysis with a sustainability lens, Consilium launched the ESG Profiler tool in April 2024.

This tool, powered by FNZ Impact, an ESG solution integrated into FNZ’s wider global wealth management platform, integrates directly with the broader wealth management ecosystem, offering actionable investment opportunities aligned with customers' values on societal impact.

This initiative showcases Consilium's commitment to leading sustainable investment practices, featuring comprehensive reporting, analytics and educational content within an interactive online portal.

A Strategic Partnership for the Future

The partnership between Consilium and FNZ exemplifies the transformative potential of collaboration and technological innovation in wealth management. By integrating global technology and standards, Consilium Wrap not only enriches the investor and adviser experience, but also ensures the sustainability of the wealth management ecosystem for future generations.

Through ongoing development, a focus on user experience and enhanced operational efficiency, Consilium and FNZ are charting the course towards a more integrated, efficient, and accessible future in wealth management.