Quilter, a leading provider of advice, investments and wealth management in the United Kingdom (UK), wanted to modernize and transform their wealth management platform. Safe and successful asset and data migration was paramount as they considered options. Quilter’s advisers needed to know that their end clients’ experience would be seamless in the transition.

FNZ was selected by Quilter for collaboration on the design and implementation of its platform transformation programme.

Platform transformation programme

FNZ partnered closely with Quilter on a three-phase migration to seamlessly transfer all data and assets. This included a thorough and systematic process to minimise disruption during the transition of more than 2.5 billion data items. The design process, which incorporated adviser feedback throughout, allowed FNZ and Quilter to enhance the already strong valued proposition with improved functionality, streamlined processes and a wider range of products and services.

This process resulted in a successful migration of over £62.5 billion of assets, more than 490,000 customers and over 600,000 accounts.

One of the largest re-platforming projects ever completed, it was a significant milestone for Quilter. The programme established a path for accelerated growth, helping both advisers stay competitive and relevant to their end-customers in the competitive UK wealth market.

£0.5 b

Migrated over £62.5 billion assets, with steady asset growth since migration


Over 490,000 customers and 2.5 billion data items


One of the largest replatforming projects in UK history

An enhanced user-centric platform

Efficient and intuitive, the upgraded Quilter platform gives advisers access to a range of products and features that help them manage investments online and improve end client outcomes.

This includes automated cash management, enhanced model portfolio management capabilities, a market leading business intelligence and MI reporting suite, and improved links to advisers CRM systems.

The App Hub

FNZ and Quilter further enhanced the adviser experience with the App Hub. This integrated experience allows advisers to directly connect to third-party software via the platform to improve their overall user experience and aid financial planning conversations with end-investors. This removes the need for advisers to re-key data, improving efficiency and streamlining processes. Read more about the App Hub in this FT Adviser article, Quilter launches App Hub to improve advisers’ platform experience.

This advancement in the adviser experience is possible through FNZ's innovative, 100% API enabled, open marketplace experience, which provides a single integration point for third-party services, empowering advisers with cutting-edge tools and an overall improved user experience.

The addition of the new App Hub follows the introduction of new features through technology innovations on Quilter's platform.

More in process

Moving ahead, FNZ and Quilter continue to work in close partnership together in order to deliver a constantly evolving, user-centric platform that remains responsive to future market developments.