Launching direct-to-consumer

Aviva, one of the leading insurance and workplace retirement providers, sought to launch a direct-to-consumer wealth management offering for United Kingdom (UK) customers. Aviva needed immediate functionality that would allow customers to manage their finances themselves, enabling them to buy, sell and switch investments online. This functionality needed to be fully integrated with the MyAviva portal, on both desktop and mobile, to smooth any potential friction for customers looking to expand their relationship with Aviva beyond insurance.

Of course, all experiences needed to reflect the Aviva vision to ensure customers experienced the security of working with their trusted brand.

Aviva worked with FNZ to develop and integrate a customer-centric experience in an accelerated nine month deployment. This represented one of Aviva’s fastest launch to market propositions and resulting in a fully integrated wealth management platform.

Advancing an advised experience

Aviva then moved its Adviser platform - one of the largest in the UK - onto FNZ technology. The migration involved approximately 300,000 customers and £24 billion in assets under administration.

FNZ also partnered with Aviva in Singapore supporting their Navigator platform. With a range of savings, investment and pension product solutions it gives financial advisers a flexible approach to managing their client’s finances online.

0.5 million

retail customers

£0 billion AUA

Over £66 billion across UK and EU, £1.6 in Asia, in assets under administration

Scaling MyMoney in the workplace

Aviva is a market leader in group pensions in the UK. They also turned to FNZ to modernize and deliver improved scale in their group pension offerings, called MyMoney. The joint Aviva-FNZ team worked on a phased rollout process that ensured no impact to service levels, keeping the end-client experience stable and secure. Aviva now leads in the Master Trust market across most employer segments, which are all delivered through the FNZ Workplace platform.

Award-winning sustainable investing with scale

Aviva next wanted to develop an industry-leading sustainable investing offering. It was important to integrate within Aviva’s current wealth management platform instead of creating a stand-alone offering. After conducting a thorough market review, Aviva again turned to FNZ.

Using FNZ Impact as its foundation, the Environment, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) Profiler tool launched, integrated into the wider global wealth management platform. The platform translates disparate data into actionable investment opportunities with metrics directly connecting end customer values with measurable societal impact. The solution combines an interactive online portal containing reporting, analytics, educational content.

This partnership won Aite-Novarica's award for Sustainable Investing Impact Reporting. For more detailed information about ESG Profiler and FNZ Impact, read this in-depth case study by Aite-Novarica, watch the video of Aviva and FNZ discussing their partnership below, or read the press release about FNZ Impact's multiple awards.

Aviva ESG Profiler, built in partnership with global wealth management platform FNZ, using their specialist ESG solution FNZ Impact, is an exemplar of how the global sustainable and impact investment reporting model might look.

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