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Our Purpose

Opening up wealth together

We believe that wealth’s potential is limitless, but legacy technology is holding it back. We’ve built a new foundation that unifies and modernizes a fragmented industry. This means that, together with our customers, we help over 24 million people from all wealth segments to invest in their future, on their terms.

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Our collective efforts

We are opening up wealth by giving people more freedom to invest in what matters to them. It’s a vision we’re making real through the collective efforts of our people, passion and technology.

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Helping wealth enter the digital era

We are opening up wealth by breaking down barriers that create friction, helping create a more transparent and personalized experience for every investor with a modern, digital-first approach.

Our platform is transforming wealth management. It enables wealth professionals to deploy advanced digital capabilities and adapt to changing customer expectations. We equip them with the tools to innovate, the expertise to stay compliant with regulations, and the strategic partnership to scale at lower cost.

This way, our customers get to market quickly with market-leading digital propositions.

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Driving impact

From wealth and asset managers to banks and life insurers, read our customer success stories to see how we’re driving real-world results for our customers.

Personalization in a digital world

Our data shows how wealth platform fees have decreased by approximately ten basis points in recent years. How can the industry make investing more affordable? Is it really possible to scale quickly and deliver a personalized, differentiated wealth service, and keep costs down?