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There is a career path for everyone at FNZ. We’re passionate about our people, and believe that at FNZ, every individual makes an impact. Find out more about our various teams and some of the opportunities within them.


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What does an interview at FNZ look like?

We strive to keep our interview process as simple as possible. The application process is typically completed within 5 steps.

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Upload your CV and submit your application. Be sure to highlight your experience that best fits the role you’re applying for.

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Should your CV and experience be a match, you’ll be invited to attend an introductory call with one of our recruitment team. During this meeting, we’d like to get to know you better – we want to know why you’re interested in FNZ, your expectations for your next career move, and some of your key successes professionally! This usually lasts around 30 minutes.

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As part of the interview process, you may be asked to take an assessment test depending on the role for which you apply. Our online assessments focus on job-related knowledge or abilities, such as coding skills. Your recruiter will walk you through what to expect and how to best excel in these tests.

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After your digital assessment and recruitment call, you’ll get the chance to meet your potential future colleagues in a two-stage interview format. This could be online, in person, with a panel, or even a group assessment centre. Whatever the format, we’ll let you know in advance so you can prepare. Your recruiter will let you know about the interview process and our interview scheduling team will be in touch to arrange it.

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Once you have successfully completed the stages outlined above, all that remains for you to do is accept your offer to join FNZ. Our team will call you to talk through the details of your offer and next steps, as well as look at your onboarding process.

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Preparing for your interview

We believe interviewing at FNZ works two ways. Not only does it provide us with the chance to get to know you better, it also allows you to decide if FNZ aligns with your career aspirations.

We look for the doers and go-getters. Brilliant individuals who work hard, think big and thrive in a fast-paced work environment. People who are ambitious not just for themselves, but for their colleagues, our customers and the world.

At FNZ we assess candidates both on technical competencies and cultural alignment.

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Technical interview

During this interview, you will be assessed on your suitability for the role based on your previous experience and technical knowledge.

Certain roles may also include a practical exercise, such as a case study, a coding exercise or presentation. This interview normally takes 60-90 minutes.

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Cultural interview

During this interview, you will be assessed on your cultural alignment to FNZ, focused on your working style, approach and problem solving.

Should you progress to this final stage, we encourage you to check out our Culture Handbook.

This interview normally takes 30 minutes to complete.

Join the FNZ team and grow in the way you want to, while you excel in the things you care about.