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Workplace retirement solutions

We help you help employers. Access modern digital workplace savings and retirement solutions, bringing together intuitive portals for employers and their staff to make sense of their employee benefits.

Our solutions make savings, retirement and pension scheme management easy for employers and engaging for employees. Together, FNZ works with employers to deliver quality saving and retirement solutions that help attract and retain talent, whilst ensuring all stakeholders have the key information they need at their fingertips.

SA1 Solutions Workplace Transparent OPT.

Workplace retirement

Addressing modern challenges

Over the years, saving for retirement has become more challenging for employees. This creates a growing problem for employers and employees alike, creating a distraction in the workplace around topics such as employee retention, financial inclusion, and financial wellbeing.

Employers want help with financial education and wellbeing, especially around key benefits such as retirement planning, but they often lack the tools and technology.

We help you help them, by providing saving, investing, pension, and retirement income planning solutions that are integrated into a single platform experience.

Holistic workplace solutions that really scale


Success story

Aviva in the workplace

Aviva worked with FNZ to develop and integrate a customer-centric experience in an accelerated nine-month deployment, then integrated an award-winning sustainable investing solution.

Investor expectations for digital are rising SQUARE


Investor expectations for digital are rising

A shift to digital onboarding is having a dramatic impact on the industry economics, but there is still much to improve.

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