Findex, one of Australasia’s leading providers of integrated financial advisory services, wanted to create a cohesive, multi-channel investment platform that would lead the market. The platform would need to serve all types of investors.

FNZ partnered with Findex to create Centric, architected to create an ecosystem of services spanning investment, education, insurance, advice, accounting and debt services. This provides users with an engaging, comprehensive wealth management service for all their financial needs in one place.

Changing Industry Dynamics

The Hayne Royal Commission has led to an unprecedented change, driving adviser and client assets to independent (non-bank) platforms. However, these new independent platforms were unable to provide for all the needs of the client.

As a result, Findex partnered with FNZ to help them deliver an investor directed portfolio service (IDPS) designed to address Australia’s fractured fintech ecosystem.

The platform is based on three founding principles - that cost and complexity need to reduce, that user experience is key and that tech integrations and continuous innovation are essential.

Rather than use separate platforms for a variety of financial needs, which can be complex, expensive and difficult to maintain, we combined to develop the Centric platform, enabling the provision of multiple wealth management services and providing a single view of assets, liabilities, transactions and reports (including tax) in one place.

Providing for all of a client’s needs on one platform

Focused on delivering value through innovation and technology, it is designed to support both investors as well as their financial advisers, accountants and other representatives.

Centric provides the ability to invest in a wide range of investments (including ASX listed securities, cash, term deposit products, managed accounts and managed funds) and with the help of a financial adviser, allows investors to design a portfolio that's tailored for their individual circumstances.

FNZ and Findex continue to work in close partnership with a joint roadmap that includes further platform deployments and innovative enhancements.

Founding principles

  • Reduce cost and complexity

  • User experience is key

  • Continuous innovation is essential