UOB Asset Management (UOBAM) wanted to develop a first-in-market digital solution to enable corporate investors to access customised portfolios that meet their companies’ risk profiles, investment horizon and specific investment goals.

They decided to partner with FNZ based on their ability to provide not only an advanced wealth management platform, but to also manage technology operations. This enabled UOBAM to focus purely on ongoing product innovation, development and distribution.

an award-winning solution for Corporates

The result was an award-winning robo-adviser, named UOBAM Invest. It was first launched as an online portal for corporate investors. Following the success of the Singapore platform, UOBAM launched another corporate platform in Malaysia. The UOBAM Invest online portal is the first robo-advisory service launched in Singapore and Malaysia for corporate investors.

The UOBAM Invest online portal combines UOBAM’s extensive investment expertise with FNZ’s market-leading technology to make direct fund investing simpler, smarter and more personalized.

UOBAM Invest was awarded ‘Best Fintech Innovation in Asset Management’ by Asia Asset Management in 2020.

Personalization to help individual investors

The UOBAM Invest robo-advisory mobile app was then modified and launched in 2020 for individual investors. Leveraging FNZ’s global robo-advisory solution, the UOBAM Invest robo-advisory app offers individual investors personalised, dynamic investment portfolios, incorporating their risk profile, investment horizon, as well as their additional financial goals.

The investment portfolio is then monitored on an ongoing basis, ensuring portfolios are optimised to investors’ needs. Central to this is the glide-path portfolio rebalancing algorithm, which decreases market risk taken by the portfolio as a client’s investment horizon shortens.

Designed for economies of scale

Both the corporate online portal and the retail app are designed to enable multi-jurisdictional roll-out across Asia, providing significant economies of scale for UOBAM and in turn benefitting their clients.

The results

  • Reduced launch and operational costs

  • Best Fintech Innovation in Asset Management

  • Multi-jurisdictional roll-out across Asia