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Invest with impact

Unlock sustainable investing’s potential

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Estimates predict up to one-third of global investment assets will be environmental, social, or governance (ESG) led by 2025 (Bloomberg Intelligence, Feb. 23, 2021). This clearly suggests a powerful business opportunity, but there are broader implications.

Aside from the potential positive impact on our planet, there is also the promise of increased client loyalty and brand differentiation for your business. Exploring sustainable investing decisions involves a deeper understanding of client values beyond financial goals.

That’s why we created FNZ Impact, the award-winning ESG solution integrated into our global wealth management platform. With FNZ Impact, we help wealth management advisers help their clients invest in their values.

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Driving a more sustainable future

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Are ESG scores killing sustainable investing’s potential?

As demand increases for sustainable investment solutions, criticism of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing has never been higher, including well-publicized complaints of greenwashing.

There may be a solution in Impact Economics.

Learn about the challenges and potential solution for measuring sustainable investment impact.

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