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Realigning wealth management around the end investor

Make accessing your wealth management services easier for investors across the whole wealth continuum.

Opening up investor economics (databook)

The economics of the wealth industry are undergoing a major step-change. Asset managers are going direct-to-client (D2C), digital is becoming hybrid, intermediaries are amalgamating, life and pensions providers are undergoing transformation. Why is this happening?

It is time to reassess how you will serve tomorrow’s investors and grasp wealth’s growth opportunities. Find out more about improving investor economics in our databook.

Opening up investor economics (databook)

This brief databook combines industry-wide data with FNZ’s own data to consider how better access can be provided to investment opportunities for investors across the whole wealth continuum. In doing so it explores:

  • The investment opportunity disparity between retail, mass affluent and High-Net-Worth (HNW)

  • How cost-to-serve has changed over the last decade

  • The scale-effect of digital wealth platforms on asset servicing

Can wealth managers be all things to all people?

Asset service and admin fees are coming under pressure

Investors value good quality advice and investment management, but frequently question asset service charges.

Industry executives find themselves with conflicting priorities. On one hand they want to focus on scaling their client business and delivering quality investment services, and on the other they need to drive cost efficiency and reliability in their asset servicing processes and back-office.

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