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Alastair Conway

Chief Executive Officer, UK, Middle East and Africa

Alastair is responsible for all aspects of the UK, the Middle East and Africa businesses, including client relationships, sales, technology delivery, asset servicing and support. Alastair is an experienced leader with an exceptional track record built over a career within financial services that exceeds 25 years. Alastair was previously CEO of James Hay for eight years and prior to that he was Sales and Marketing Director at Cofunds for five years.

He joined FNZ in April 2021 to work on one of our key projects before becoming CEO of UK Pensions in August. Alastair is focused on helping the UK and South African businesses continue their successful growth trajectories to date and ensuring we further develop both our service and technology delivery for our customers going forward.

Alastair is married to Rita and lives in Battersea, London. He has a daughter, Alice, who is currently training to be an IFA. He loves skiing in the winter and playing golf in the summer.