• The partnership with the global wealth platform company is part of the global digital transformation strategy being developed by GVC Gaesco, which will enable the company to launch a new Investment Services platform in 2023.

  • FNZ, a global wealth management platform founded in 2003, is valued at over USD 20 billion and administers over USD 1.5 trillion in assets on its platform for over 20 million customers worldwide.

GVC Gaesco is reaffirming its commitment to strengthen the digitalisation process of investment services. As such, the Spanish financial group has signed a key partnership with FNZ, a leading global wealth management platform, under its unique platform-as-a-service model, to develop a new digital solution for Investment Services.

GVC Gaesco, has been working with FNZ to adapt the platform to the Spanish market and regulations, will have this new solution fully operational in 2023. The partnership with GVC Gaesco accelerates FNZ’s expansion into the Spanish market, and is part of the digital transformation process driven by CEO Enrique García Palacio since joining the company in 2019.

FNZ is the leading global wealth management platform which partners with over 650 large financial institutions and over 8,000 wealth management firms in 21 countries. Major international clients include Allianz, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Lloyds and Generali. Founded in 2003, the wealth technology company is valued at over USD 20 billion and administers over US$1.5 trillion on its platform for over 20 million customers worldwide.

Enrique García Palacio, CEO of GVC Gaesco, explains that "partnering with a world leader like FNZ shows the ambition for growth and digitalisation of the GVC Gaesco group. With FNZ, we will be able to deploy one of the most globally competitive investment platforms in Spain with all the advantages that this will bring."

The value proposition will extend to a complete and more advanced trading platform, which will also feature a wide-open version of funds. The same platform will also include an advisory platform and will bring together different discretionary management models. The organisation's financial advisors and agents will be able to manage their customer relations with absolute efficiency and provide the highest quality of service.

Maria Àngels Vallvé, Founder and President of GVC Gaesco, points out that "GVC Gaesco is reaffirming its corporate strategy of being present in businesses related to personal finance. This is also true in investment banking, where it has become a benchmark in Spain for the mid-market, as well as in the asset management business, where it has managed to differentiate itself by creating signature funds that are far from conventional and highly appreciated by domestic and foreign institutional investors."

For his part, the founder and CEO of FNZ, Adrian Durham, explains that;

GVC Gaesco is a key partner for FNZ in Spain and we are delighted to be working with them to accelerate their digital transformation and deliver a market leading solution for the Spanish market. Both our companies have a shared vision, to open-up wealth, empowering all people to create wealth through personal investment, aligned with things they care about the most, on their own terms.