• FNZ Yield Plus notes offer professional investors an alternative to traditional cash investments with an enhanced risk-adjusted yield, liquidity and transparency. The notes are available in a cost-effective format as FNZ underwrite all the costs against a single low basis point charge.

  • Investing into the FNZ Yield Plus notes, which are already live, is as simple as buying any other bond security, available through professional investors’ existing custodian.

  • The Yield Plus product highlights FNZ’s commitment to opening up wealth by innovating, simplifying and personalizing investments, while reducing costs.

17 July 2023, London: FNZ, the global wealth management platform, has launched FNZ Yield Plus notes to provide professional investors with a low-risk cash alternative and strengthen its global proposition.

FNZ Yield Plus notes offer investors a higher yield than comparably rated government bonds with the same maturity. Yield Plus notes can offer an enhanced risk profile compared to bank deposits, with enhanced collateral security, and pay regular coupons with committed liquidity on a periodic basis (monthly or quarterly depending on the note). The notes are available in USD, EUR, GBP and may be customized for other currencies.

The notes strengthen FNZ’s global client proposition for professional investors adding a simple, yet sophisticated investment product to its existing end-to-end wealth management platform. Investing into the FNZ Yield Plus notes is as simple as buying any other bond security available through the investors’ existing custodian. The FNZ Yield Plus notes can also be customized, white-labelled, and curated for distributors. The Yield Plus notes are currently available to professional investors.

FNZ Yield Plus allows professional investors to benefit from recent rate increases with low risk. With FNZ Yield Plus, investors have access to an innovative solution offering and enhanced yield relative to alternatives, without taking unsecured risk on banks, without liquidity mismatch, duration risk or market risk, and without compromising credit quality.

Adam Green, FNZ’s CEO of Global Asset Management Solutions, said: “FNZ Yield Plus is an important milestone in our mission to open up wealth and make investing as innovative, transparent and efficient as possible. Our commitment to delivering relevant, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for professional investors is unwavering. For the first time, through our FNZ structured investment team, we have delivered an outsourced manufacturing capability to investors."

We are excited to bring this unique cash alternative solution to our professional clients and continue to invest in the breadth of personalized solutions the market increasingly demands.

Kristopher Love, Group CFO FNZ, said: “The FNZ Yield Plus solution solves a complex cash management problem for professional investors. When we first discussed the FNZ Yield Plus solutions with the structured investment team, we realised it would also be the perfect solution for our own strategic cash and decided to allocate some of our own cash to the same Yield Plus notes as those available to our clients.”

Walter Cegarra, CEO FNZ Q-Hub, added: “We are excited to now be live with this unique cash alternative solution for all the professional clients of FNZ: from the treasury and ALM departments of corporates, pension funds, banks, insurance companies, asset managers and other institutional investors to the professional clients of private banks and wealth managers. We are very much looking forward to helping professional investors benefit from the right participation in the recent increases in global interest rates, while mitigating key counterparty risks. As simply as possible.”

For more information about FNZ Yield Plus, please email yieldplus@fnz-qhub.com.


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