• The Consilium Wrap ESG Profiler, powered by FNZ Impact, enables advisers to work with investors to personalize portfolios according to their ESG preferences and values.

  • The solution reviews portfolios against six different ESG preferences and contains exclusionary filters to enable maximum personalization.

  • This integration is the latest enhancement to the Consilium Wrap platform and further extends the FNZ and Consilium partnership.

  • The Consilium Wrap ESG Profiler supports Consilium and FNZ in their shared ambitions around sustainable investing.

17 April 2024, Christchurch: Consilium and FNZ, the global wealth management platform, have launched the Consilium Wrap ESG Profiler, a new solution which enables advisers to work with investors to personalize portfolios according to their ESG preferences and values.

The solution which uses FNZ Impact, an ESG solution integrated into FNZ’s wider global wealth management platform, uses data sourced from multiple ESG data providers to measure and review holdings against six preferences including human rights, climate change, corporate governance and waste to landfill. The solution also has exclusionary filters that prevent unwanted investments connected to fossil fuels, tobacco, gambling and more.

Consilium’s integration of FNZ Impact now provides advisers with one of the most comprehensive ESG profiling solutions available in the New Zealand market, and is the latest enhancement to Consilium Wrap, which gives advisers the flexibility to provide investors with bespoke offerings.

Dayle Engelbrecht, Head of Wrap Solutions at Consilium, said: “When we began working with FNZ to develop Consilium Wrap, the goal was always to future-proof the platform, enabling scale and growth to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Investors are thinking about the social good they can enable, and the harm they can help prevent. The ESG Profiler is an important expansion that provides advisers with additional ways to personalize offerings to suit an investor's unique values and ESG goals.

ESG considerations are rapidly becoming integral to fund selection, and we are leading the way in the New Zealand market. Just as Consilium Wrap is the first of its kind in the country, so too is the FNZ Impact integration. This is another innovation as we continue to scale our platform to meet the needs of advisers and investors.

FNZ Impact profiles investments against independent metrics, enabling them to be rated and evaluated against investor preferences. The solution, in time, will also provide advisers with client reports that help facilitate conversations and review portfolio impacts like total carbon footprint.

Jeremy Graham, Chief Executive Officer, FNZ New Zealand, said: “Our purpose at FNZ is to open up wealth, and to help everyone, everywhere invest in their future, on their terms. FNZ Impact delivers on this mission, enabling people to personalize their investments to suit their social and environmental preferences. We have found that the solution facilitates better communication between advisers and their clients, which enables advisers to make more informed recommendations and strengthen client relationships.

We have partnered with Consilium since 2015 and we’re excited about continuing to deliver exciting innovations to the New Zealand market together.

The Consilium Wrap ESG Profiler is available to all advisers.