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FNZ Investments & Savings Barometer

Every quarter, get an executive view of the evolution of private individuals' savings and investments, in different dimensions of analysis: access, mix and performance.

By researching multiple sources of information, FNZ provides an integrated analysis with the identification of patterns and insights based on comparisons with other geographies, which make it possible to draw up scenarios and provide an analytical basis for the strategic planning of organizations in this sector.


Information characteristics

Simple and direct analysis of the trajectory of the main indicators that explain market dynamics, in 3 dimensions:

  • Access channels. The type of partners that individuals choose to save and invest with and how intermediaries can explain different patterns of behavior.

  • Asset mix. Identification of the classes and instruments that savers select, taking into account the financial aspect, but also real estate, which is particularly relevant in the Portuguese context.

  • Performance. The effective profitability that results from previous choices and how it can influence the various segments.

International comparison. Comparative analysis between different countries and relevant regions.

Future developments. Trends and estimates in the various areas, considering ex-post analysis and forecast elements.

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