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Estimates predict up to one-third of global investment assets will be environmental, social, or governance (ESG) led by 2025 (Bloomberg Intelligence, 2021). This clearly suggests a powerful business opportunity, and a chance to deepen investor engagement.

FNZ Impact, our next-generation sustainable investing solution, helps investors, advisors, and asset managers understand and manage their environmental and societal impact. This in turn helps them select appropriate investments to manage the transition to a sustainable economy. This solution helps the industry scale to meet client demand for ESG visibility across portfolios, offering customised levels of granularity within each E, S and G pillar to provide a holistic view of portfolio investments and performance, and supporting investment decision-making.

For the first time, end investors, their advisers and wealth managers can access the environmental and societal impact of their portfolio and financial metrics – with one click. Investors can finally understand and address what matters to them, for example their carbon footprint, nature or diversity in the workplace.

Watch this short video for an overview of how FNZ Impact can help open up wealth, helping wealth management advisers, asset managers, and end investors invest in their values.