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Appway is now FNZ

In February 2022, FNZ acquired Appway, the leader in investor onboarding and servicing for financial institutions.

Appway’s unique onboarding functionality is now integrated into FNZ, the global, end-to-end wealth management platform.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why did FNZ acquire Appway?

    Appway’s award-winning low-code, no-code workflow automation added significant value to FNZ customers. By integrating these solutions into our end-to-end platform, we have provide more firms, advisors, and end-investors with an improved digital experience.

  • How has this change benefitted Appway customers?

    This change has provided Appway customers with a complementary technology stack to help improve their overall experience. Appway realized that being a single-solution, best-of-breed software limited the company’s ability to expand value to customers. Now, with FNZ, there is a wider range of value and functionality provided.

  • Is there still a presence in Switzerland?

    Yes, FNZ has maintained the Zurich office as a key location for continued development and integration of technology and software that enhances the full wealth management value chain.