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Wealth Managers

Dealing with complexity, cost and a new generation of investors

FNZ can help wealth managers modernise their business and evolve the ways they interact with a new generation of investors. Wealth Managers’ business models have often been driven by the front office with a focus on customer solutions rather than the operational cost of delivery. More recently a trend towards outsourcing investment management from financial advisers has also added complexity across multiple distribution platforms.

As a result, Wealth Managers can have complex and costly IT environments and face very high costs both to run the business and to introduce change. This can hurt profitability as margins contract, and it can make the costs of keeping up with regulatory change particularly high.

Current high levels of generational wealth transfer mean Wealth Managers also need to find new ways to interact with younger high net-worth clients.

  • PaasPlatform as a Service means it’s all taken care of

    Partnering with FNZ and our platform-as-a-service offers a swift and flexible way to streamline, improve and modernise your wealth management offering.

    Our single platform can replace existing complex technology. And we provide not just the state-of-the-art platform technology and IT infrastructure but also the investment operations services.

    We also maintain and constantly update the platform to keep up with any regulatory change. So you’re guaranteed compliance at no extra cost.

The Solution

Solutions for wealth managers

We can help transform your entire wealth management business replacing the technology from front to back through an FNZ platform with sophisticated asset management tools.

FNZ can provide a single platform that does everything from distribution through to back office processes. It can lower your production and administration costs while supporting tailored investment solutions at low or no marginal cost.

We make it easier to run model-based investment solutions across multiple platforms and support mass individualization of investment solutions taking account of client investment, ethical and tax preferences. Multiple, flexible distribution channels can be supported, including for direct clients and IFA introduced clients.

High quality client reporting that will meet the demands of high-net-worth clients comes as standard and can also be rapidly tailored when required.

Benefits for your investors

Personalised products and tailored, interactive digital services can complement and enhance the personal nature of Wealth Manager relationships. Investment strategies can be individualized to better reflect a client needs, including their ESG preferences and personal tax circumstances.

Digital-first delivery is appealing to, and increasingly expected by, a younger generation of high-net-worth clients, who may place less value on the traditional face-to-face Wealth Management model.

Because the platform can be integrated with any existing online systems, it offers a seamless online experience.

What can it look like?

Global FNZ Platform Options

  • Direct to Consumer Platform
  • Wealth & Private Banking Platform
  • Financial Adviser platform

Additional Standalone Services

  • Quantitative Solutions
  • ESG
  • Data Analytics
  • Chatbot

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Building long-term, local partnerships

We partner with over 150 major financial institutions around the world to serve the needs of wealth management customers. We have over 4,000 employees working in around 18 international markets across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and North America.