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Retail Banks

Facing up to a changing banking environment

FNZ have partnered with some of the biggest global banks and have a strong track record of successfully transforming their wealth management business.

We understand how retail, or universal, banks face pressure to grow their wealth management assets under administration to increase revenues. Margins from traditional banking products have been repeatedly driven down by low interest rates and increased liquidity requirements.

There is an opportunity to develop new market wide investment products. But banks are often hampered by ageing legacy IT systems with complex manual processes and outdated and expensive technology.

This can make it difficult, and expensive to develop new investment products, to deliver them cost-effectively and to integrate them with your existing online banking.

  • PaasPlatform as a Service means it’s all taken care of

    The FNZ platform-as-a-service offers a robust and flexible way to launch a fully digital self-service wealth management platform. The platform can be seamlessly integrated into existing online banking services and can replace a patchwork solution of existing wealth management systems to consolidate a range of systems into one.

    We provide the IT infrastructure and investment operations services as well as the platform technology. So it can streamline not just your technology but also your back office processes. Modular services can be tailored to create exactly the solution you need to deliver better investment solutions for your clients.

    And we maintain and constantly update the platform to remain compliant with any regulatory change.

The Solution

Solutions for retail bankers

FNZ can allow you to replace your entire wealth management business or launch a new, digital proposition that can transform your wealth management offering.

It can let you move on from a complex and ageing system landscape and create and distribute new products efficiently through multiple channels. And if you have an existing asset management offering then it is a way to distribute these products more cost-effectively.

Both automated robo-advice or in-branch person-to-person advice can be supported on the same single platform making it easy for you to deliver the right advice for a client at the right time in their life.

Benefits for your customers

FNZ can help you support your customer throughout their life and provide the right solutions at the right point. Your customers can access self-service investment management with real time information and control over their portfolio.

Because the platform can be integrated with existing online banking, customers will have a seamless online experience. A holistic view of their wealth means investment products can be seen and managed alongside other banking products, making joined-up financial decisions easier.

Greater personalisation and control can help deliver greater customer engagement.

What can it look like?

Global FNZ Platform Options

  • Direct to Consumer Platform
  • Financial Adviser Platform
  • Superannuation Platform
  • Workplace Pension Platform

Additional Standalone Services

  • Quantitative Solutions
  • Unit Linked Policy Administration
  • Fund Accounting
  • ESG
  • Data Analytics
  • Chatbot

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Take a closer look at our range of solutions or get in touch to find out more about how we can work with you as long term partners.

Building long-term, local partnerships

We partner with over 150 major financial institutions around the world to serve the needs of wealth management customers. We have over 4,000 employees working in around 18 international markets across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and North America.