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Technology fuels meaningful pensions engagement28 Feb 2021Technology fuels meaningful pensions engagement

Adrian Durham, chief executive and founder of FNZ, reveals how a more digital experience is boosting people's interest and engagement in their pensions, during this interview with The Sunday Times.

Top three trends for sustainable finance in 202125 Jan 2021Top three trends for sustainable finance in 2021

As the new year arrives amidst a time of resolutions and challenges, we find ourselves at the nexus of a series of convergent and powerful trends in achieving positive environmental and societal change.

Could we save, not only spend, our way to a sustainable world?8 Jul 2020Could we save, not only spend, our way to a sustainable world?

Shifting consciousness from how we spend our money to how we save our money could be the necessary key to a more sustainable, resilient world.

Three ways business can play a positive part in our global ecosystem13 May 2020Three ways business can play a positive part in our global ecosystem

More than ever, the relationship between business, the environment and society is being questioned.

How can technology support a better tomorrow: Three emerging trends22 Apr 2020How can technology support a better tomorrow: Three emerging trends

With Covid-19 changing that way that the world works, the reality is that these shifts will change the future of responsible business practices.

Mastering the science of lean innovation25 Feb 2020Mastering the science of lean innovation

Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower – but how do you innovate successfully and consistently? FNZ’s Din Mustaffa explores the Lean Innovation methodology and why creating a structure for innovation is important.

Mindset and success in financial services3 Oct 2019Mindset and success in financial services

The mindset philosophy is the hot new buzzword around learning and development. We look beyond the hype to see how it can help unlock potential and help financial services firms focus on employee growth.

The Blockchain evolution12 Sep 2019The Blockchain evolution

Blockchain technology isn’t the new kid on the block anymore – so as the technology matures, what does the Blockchain evolution look like? Here we recap on the technology and its benefits, along with the latest developments coming out of the FNZ Chain Clear initiative.

Can technology build pension engagement?6 Aug 2019Can technology build pension engagement?

Auto enrolment has helped millions of new savers prepare for retirement. But are they really engaged with their pension, or merely passive bystanders? What role does technology play in engaging savers across the whole pension journey?