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Help and Support

This site provides access to a number of useful resources, to assist you when using the FTC New Account Onboarding tool. We will continue to review, refine and add to these resources as we roll out new onboarding features and new platform capabilities over the coming months.

Within these pages you will find:

  • An overview of the FTC New Account Onboarding tool, with a video demonstrating the new tool

  • A step by step guide to using the FTC New Account Onboarding tool

FTC new account onboarding overview:

The FTC New Account Onboarding tool is an online portal, allowing you to create new clients within the FTC platform. The onboarding process follows a defined workflow, allowing you to capture all of the client data, account data and supporting documentation that is required when setting up new clients within FTC. The tool also allows you to digitally submit the new onboarding application for FTC to review, approve and execute.

The FTC New Account Onboarding tool can be accessed here:

To access this tool, you will need a username and password. These should have been issued to you as part of the FTC training and deployment readiness activities. If you have not yet received your new username and password, then please contact your FTC Client Service Manager.

FTC new account onboarding video demonstration:

Play this video on Vimeo

FTC new account onboarding step by step PDF guide: