Transforming digital advice through online banking
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Transforming digital advice through online banking

FNZ first partnered with Santander, one of the world’s major global banks, to launch their direct to consumer (D2C) platform in 2016. This offering was later enhanced with a market leading robo-adviser solution supporting first time investors by utilising a unique gamification approach to assessing investment suitability.

Our partnership has resulted in the creation of an advanced digital advice proposition, which is fully integrated with Santander’s online banking system, providing all UK banking customers with access to their online wealth management services.

Transforming digital advice through online banking

Over 250K customers migrated

Making financial advice available to all

FNZ initially worked with Santander to digitise its legacy D2C wealth management proposition, and fully integrate it with their retail online banking services. The resulting ‘Investment Hub’ made wealth management available to all of Santander’s approximately 10 million UK banking customers.

To support this, we migrated approximately £7 billion of existing AuA for over 250,000 Santander customers from a legacy system to FNZ technology, which was then fully integrated with Santander’s retail online banking system.

We also expanded the investment offering from Santander Asset Management funds only, to becoming a fully open architecture proposition, supporting over 2,000 funds from 150 managers.

Digital Investment Adviser

To align with Santander’s goal of expanding accessibility of financial advice to its mass online banking customer base, we subsequently enhanced the proposition by launching a robo-advice platform to provide a fully online financial planning service.

Known as the Digital Investment Adviser (DIA), it uses an engaging, visual, game-based approach to online risk profiling and suitability assessment. This helps improve the accuracy and accessibility of digital financial advice.

The DIA sits neatly between the Investment Hub for direct investors and a Financial Planning Service that offers face-to-face advice.

In 2019, a model portfolio solution was subsequently added to help support high net worth individuals, so that the proposition now supports the entire range of investors – from first time investors through to HNW.

The results

  • AssetMigration of 250K customers and $15B AUM
  • Group 2,000 funds across 150 fund managers
  • TransactionUnique gamification for risk profiling
Transforming digital advice through online banking