Transformational Digital Experience
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Transformational Digital Experience

In 2018, FNZ were selected by Generali, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, to develop a market leading digital proposition for investors in Switzerland.

The challenge was to transform their existing offline offering into a fully digital user experience aimed at younger investors.

Transformational Digital Experience

An advanced digital proposition

A unique product in the market

Through our partnership, we created the Pillar 3a solution, an advanced digital proposition which is seamlessly integrated with Generali’s customer portal. It enables a fully digital onboarding journey along with access to either a Direct or Advised process provided by Generali.

The platform offers young professionals a self-service solution to help them engage with their finances and encourage them to begin saving for their future.

Designed to be simple and flexible, investors can quickly create pension policies without the need for paper, complex processes or time-consuming administration.

Users are given complete control over their retirement savings; they can personalise their investment amounts, amend frequency of payments, monitor ongoing performance and directly access financial advice where required.

For advisors, the 3a proposition comes with a guided investor onboarding journey. Complicated advisory solutions are a thing of the past and have been replaced with a set of simple questions that allow advisors to determine the best investment solutions for their customer and their needs.

Better client outcomes at a lower cost

Rather than partnering with a pure technology provider, Generali Switzerland selected FNZ for our market leading platform-as-a-service proposition. As well as delivering a state-of-the-art digital pension product, we provide the IT infrastructure and associated investment operations services.

This has led to a high quality, digital, and personalised proposition provided at lower cost – helping to position Generali Switzerland as a trusted, lifelong partner for young professionals with many years of saving ahead of them.

The 3a product also provides them with the ability to handle the investment manufacturing by themselves.

By using discretionary mandates with index funds, Generali Switzerland can create their own investment solutions at a lower cost. Profit margins are shifted from competitor asset managers to Generali whilst delivering better outcomes for the clients.

The results

  • Digital A fully digital pension proposition
  • Low costReduced production costs
  • QualityBetter client outcomes
Transformational Digital Experience