About us


Sustainability is central to our mission and our future.

Sustainability is at the very core of the FNZ mission to help people achieve their financial goals.

It means we support, encourage and enable financial inclusion. We use technology, innovation and services to drive down costs for savers and pensioners. We give people better visibility, transparency and freedom in how they think about their savings. And we enable more sustainable investment choices for their portfolios.

By giving more people the freedom to save and invest, and better visibility of their savings, we help them plan and save for a more dignified future.

FNZ has always sought to use technology for the greater good, building resilience and responsibility into the fabric of our business, and that of our clients.

Our institutional investors share our commitment to long term sustainability and it’s an important part of why they invest in FNZ.

  • SustainabilityEncouraging and empowering more sustainable investing

    More and more long-term savers are moving towards sustainable investment strategies and want to know the environmental and societal impact of their investment choices. They want the reassurance that the companies they support are having a positive impact on people and the planet.

    FNZ puts the power to invest sustainably into the hands of our clients and their customers. Our solutions allow individually personalised investments to happen at scale, and sustainability criteria can be seamlessly integrated into that personalisation.

    Investors can specify what matters most to them, from their carbon footprint, through nature conservation to diversity in the workplace. They can then ensure that their portfolio reflects their beliefs. It means more people can choose to invest in ways that will create better outcomes for the environment and for society.